Emma’s Story

Posted by The Medway Team

5th September 2018

My name is Emma and I started my journey to recovery just 4 weeks ago with Time to Change, the new recovery service in Medway provided by Open Road. At Time to Change nobody judges, we are all equal. We have talking groups where you can say as much or as little as you like about absolutely anything. It has totally changed my life. I have met some fantastic people. I have got so many of my past problems out that it feels like a weight has been lifted and it has given me the chance of a bright, happy new future.

My Story:

I am a Mum of 6 and, due to some traumatic events in my past, I was desperate to block out bad memories that seemed to be haunting me to the point that I felt very suicidal. I started using crack cocaine.

I felt very lost and alone so I sank further into using crack cocaine. I felt hopeless and I was convinced that this would now be my dark miserable way of life forever. That was until I walked through the doors of ‘Time to Change’.

Stepping forward and reaching out has totally changed my life. In fact I now feel not just alive but happy to be alive. Although it was a bit daunting at first, talking to people and sharing my experience of drug use was the best thing ever because nobody judged me. In fact it was refreshing to hear other people’s experiences – I quickly realised I’m not alone anymore and I am certainly NOT the only one to have felt all the things I felt about myself.

Even though other people’s addictions may be alcohol or other drugs they have all felt as the same as me. I’ve learnt that addiction is addiction – whether it be drink, drugs, sex or even everyday stuff like food – we all have the same feelings.

I am no longer alone, ashamed or embarrassed to accept help but, most of all, I can now reach out and ask for help because I know it will be there.


Why we do what we do...

Time to Change is a new service in Medway with an emphasis on wellbeing and aftercare for people who have chosen to change their lifestyle and move forward. Our mission reflects that of our parent organisation, Open Road; we exist solely to empower individuals, families and communities to lead healthy, more meaningful lives, free from addiction, offending behaviour and disadvantage.

You are opening me up to a life time of support – I have hope

Michael – Client of the service

Today is another day to make yourself your proud’


Being part of this service makes me realise that there are better things ahead for me.

Carol – Client of the service

Remember you are the most important person in your recovery

Joni, Clinical Director of Open Road
Medway Time to Change