Creative Writing Group News

Posted by The Medway Team

20th November 2018

This is a collaborative poem made up from the groups individual pieces,

Collective Poem Number 1

Out of the light into the dark
there is a light that I carry with me
the light is fading fast, turning stark
saving me where the weather is misty

way deep down in a dark, black endless hole
when I am happy I have a real good day
liv’ed a brown sulky pink-nosed, cute mole
when I’m sad I have lost mostly my way

going into the darkness can bring fear
now through the clouds the sun’s rays shone
coming out of the darkness makes it clear
in the light, birds began their dance of fun

I lost my way with vodka, lost sunshine
invitation towards darkness never
I found a better life, serene, sublime
live in all consuming light forever

Where is the blue chink in the sea of grey
There where the sun shines on the field of hay

Why we do what we do...

Time to Change is a new service in Medway with an emphasis on wellbeing and aftercare for people who have chosen to change their lifestyle and move forward. Our mission reflects that of our parent organisation, Open Road; we exist solely to empower individuals, families and communities to lead healthy, more meaningful lives, free from addiction, offending behaviour and disadvantage.

You are opening me up to a life time of support – I have hope

Michael – Client of the service

Today is another day to make yourself your proud’


Being part of this service makes me realise that there are better things ahead for me.

Carol – Client of the service

Remember you are the most important person in your recovery

Joni, Clinical Director of Open Road
Medway Time to Change