Open Road Medway supports adults who are affected by drug and / or alcohol misuse. We offer a wide range of individual and effective recovery solutions.

Education Training & Employment?

We assist all our clients to access Education appropriate to their needs - from basic Literacy and Numeracy skills up to Degree and Masters Level courses. We also facilitate training in a wide range of subjects that can be linked into opportunities for employment or just for the fun of learning.

Confused about financial aid?


Trying to make sense of the many potential sources of financial aid can be hard work. Our staff and volunteers are trained to give you up to date and accurate advice directing you to appropriate services.

Housing Support & Advice

Open Road Medway has close links to local housing projects which can offer advice and support. We can help you access and maintain links to these services.

Why we do what we do...

Time to Change is a new service in Medway with an emphasis on wellbeing and aftercare for people who have chosen to change their lifestyle and move forward. Our mission reflects that of our parent organisation, Open Road; we exist solely to empower individuals, families and communities to lead healthy, more meaningful lives, free from addiction, offending behaviour and disadvantage.

You are opening me up to a life time of support – I have hope

Michael – Client of the service

Today is another day to make yourself your proud’


Being part of this service makes me realise that there are better things ahead for me.

Carol – Client of the service

Remember you are the most important person in your recovery

Joni, Clinical Director of Open Road
Medway Time to Change

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